[device]We are an independent film company based out of St. Louis, Missouri. We strive to bring our viewers entertaining and original content. Since 2013, we have produced three seasons of our flagship series, “Local Ambition.” It’s a modeling competition reality series that pits local women head-to-head in themed photo shoots and challenges. Last year, our fourth season scored over 5 million views worldwide!

While the series has grown much throughout the years, it had very humble beginnings. Local Ambition started off as a simple project that our founder, Kevin Edwards, put together in late 2012. The only staff members were Kevin and photographer, Jarod Hodge. The cast consisted of only six girls and the production plagued with countless issues from unreliable talent to equipment malfunctions.

This was enough to make a lot of filmmakers throw in the towel, but Kevin decided not to give up. While the first season aired, he began production on the second season. The cast grew from six to ten girls and the staff included a new photographer and a few production assistants. The second season went smoother than the first, but was still subject to some of the same production concerns.

When the second season aired in September 2013, it received over 80,000 views. That’s not a lot by today’s standards, but it was enough of an improvement to start work on a third season.

Kevin decided that if this season didn’t do significantly better than the last two, that he was going to scrap the show and work on other projects. Instead of a few production assistants and a photographer, our staff grew to include a host, more audio and video staff, and two more producers. The show ended up being a hit and scored over 1.4 million views. We also had the pleasure of working with two sponsors – Rock Uniform and Johnnie Brock’s Dungeon.

Following the third season’s success, our production crew grew even larger. With dedicated camera operators and production assistants, our photographer moved into the role of the technical director which improved our production value with even more ability. Paired with great sponsors Schlafly Beer and Baker’s Shoes, the show grew in both production value and proved Local Ambition as a valuable asset back to the sponsors. By providing our viewers an even greater show with new partnerships, our fourth season of Local Ambition reached a successful goal of over 5 million viewers in 97 countries worldwide.

Currently, we have began airing Local Ambition 5.0 (our fifth season).  The show has grown so much over the years and LA5.0 proves that.  With increased production value; more direction; better branding; and sponsors – this season has become our biggest to date.  It premiered Monday night, September 19 @ 6pm CST and 31,258 viewers tuned in to watch it – making it our best premiere ever!

We are also in production of our first talk/variety show called “The Always Late Show.”  Local actor and director, Scott Michael Dunn, hosts this unique program that puts a twist on the genre.  Viewers will see comedy sketches, street interviews, music, and interviews from guests who are involved in the entertainment and art worlds in, and around, St. Louis, Missouri.