Brother vs. Sister | Groups

23rd Street Kings

23rdstreetkingsMichael Higgins’ gang has been operating for ten years.  When the gang was first established, Michael was hungry and ruled his crew with an iron fist.  Together, they managed to become the most respected, and feared, outfit in Metro City.  They had the monopoly on every illicit good or service coming through the city – marijuana, cocaine, prostitution, arms, and heroin.  Michael and his crew managed to hold on to their success for a whole decade.

Things changed when Michael’s protege, Darius Jones, broke away from the Kings to chase his own destiny in Metro City.  To make matters worse, Darius took Michael’s longtime girlfriend, Shawna Davidson, with him.  Michael’s crew urged him to take action and considered Darius’ actions a betrayal.  Instead of listening to his gang, Michael chose to do nothing.  The exodus of Darius and Shawna transformed Michael from a powerful drug kingpin to a timid, complacent figurehead within the gang.

Michael’s lack of action has caused a rift within his gang.  His second-in-command, Ricky “Knucklehead” Davis has had to step up and try to keep the Kings for unraveling.  He faces an uphill battle as many of its members have lost confidence in Michael and have started to act on their own accord.  With no order or structure, the Kings face the risk of imploding if Michael continues to do nothing.


D-CREWFounded by former 23rd Street Kings member, Darius Jones.  The D-Crew has quickly become the most powerful
gang in Metro City thanks to Darius’ ambition and quick thinking.  Unlike other gangs, the D-Crew’s second-in-command isn’t a man – it’s a woman.  Shawna Davidson, former girlfriend of Kings leader, Michael Higgins, has taken her position under Darius in leading the gang to prosperity.

Darius is a cunning, calculated leader who uses reason and logic to make decisions.  This is a sharp contrast to Shawna, who uses violence and threats to get what she wants.  Shawna’s violent tempter has given her the nickname, “The Butcher.”  With their different management styles, Darius and Shawna, have created a powerful combination that has yielded them a fiercely loyal following.

Even though the gang has experienced a lot of success, Shawna isn’t happy.  She urges Darius to take action against her former love, and his mentor, Michael Higgins.  Darius has refused to go to war with Michael despite Shawna’s wishes.