Brother vs. Sister Casting

PLEASE READ: We will be accepting video auditions for Brother vs. Sister, so if you missed our last casting call – don’t worry!  You can e-mail us at which characters you would like to audition for and we will send you lines for you to read.  You can also send us monologues from other shows or movies.  Check this page or our Facebook page @ for dates when they are announced!


Plot Outline
Ryan Lancaster loses everything when her little brother, small-time drug dealer, Jamie, reveals her deepest secret to everyone back at home. Having lost everything, Ryan decides it’s time to find her brother and take revenge for ruining her life.

Characters Available (Audition while you can!)
Manuel Garrera (35 y/o)
Columbian heroin supplier, employed by the Vallarta cartel.  He has brought a new “pure” heroin into the city and both, Darius Jones and Michael Higgins, are interested in working with him.  Garrera has an arrogant personality and believes that he is invaluable to, not only the Vallarta’s, but to anyone he works with in the United States because of the quality of heroin that he supplies.  He knows that his product is superior to what is sold on the streets and uses this fact to leverage more money out of buyers.   Manuel was instructed to come to the city, find a buyer, and set up distribution.

Harold Morris (50’s)
Harold is the landlord of Serenity Oaks Apartments, where our lead character currently lives.  He is a kind old man with a dark secret.

Suzy (20’s)
Suzy works as a prostitute at the Lott Family bar in Wayland County.  She has a good heart, but lacks the intelligence necessary to escape the life that she’s living.

Martin Freeman (20’s)
Martin works for Carter Savings and Loan.  He is currently trying to seize the assets of Paul Gross, whose adult film company owes a substantial amount on an unpaid loan.  He is a little naive and does not know the type of character that Paul is.

Wally Lott (50’s)
Bud Lott’s cagey uncle, Wally, is trying to guide his nephew on the right path after he has inherited the family’s criminal enterprise.  Wally is a tough, no-nonsense type of character who is not going to let Bud be his own man.

Choppa (20’s)
The highest grossing earner for Darius Jones’ South City Saints gang.  Choppa is able to move large amounts of product and net the Saints the highest possible return.  He is Darius’ most trusted dealer.

We are also still accepting supporting roles and extras!  We have MALE and FEMALE spots available!

E-mail us @ and tell us which character(s) you’re interested in and we will give you lines to practice before the auditions.

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