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Easter Has Come Early

Seth Ferranti has went from the US Marshall’s Top 15 Fugitives list to aspiring filmmaker.  While the events of his life would make for great non-fiction, it’s Seth’s fairy tales that are gaining attention.

Ferranti is the created of the Easter Bunny Assassin web series, which follows the exploits of (you guessed it) the Easter Bunny as he maneuvers through a fictional underworld taking contract killings.  The Easter Bunny’s goal is to rid this underworld of all of its unsavory villains – such as Santa Claus Crack Dealer, the Tooth Fairy Mafia Don, and Jesus Christ Junkie.


Seth Ferranti’s Easter Bunny Assassin.

“I love Wes Anderson and true crime stories, so I had the idea to mash the two together and Easter Bunny Assassin was created,” Ferranti states.  Ferranti wanted to create a character that resembled the Easter Bunny, but had mannerisms and instincts like James Bond.  The instantiation for the character came to him while he was incarcerated for 21 years for a non-violent drug conviction.

Inspiration also came to Seth from other sources.  “I wanted to do a film that looked like a graphic novel.  I love comics and I love Guy Ritchie, Terry Gilliam, Quinten Tarantino, and Kevin Smith,” he says.  Ferranti says that collaborating with local filmmakers and technical experts allowed him to formulate a plan to actually begin filming the Easter Bunny Assassin.  “When the first episode was finished and it played at the St. Louis’ Filmmakers Showcase, it was really awesome.  It was great to see my idea come to life on the big screen.”

A fairy tale come to life.

A fairy tale come to life.

At the moment, the Easter Bunny Assassin is a four-part series.  The first episode is available to purchase and rent exclusively through our Video On Demand service.  Ferranti says that the other episodes will be released at later dates.

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