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Episode 4 is Now Available

Last week, the cast competed in their first photo shoot round. Our judges have evaluated their performances and will decide which two cast members to send home tonight.

The decision on who gets eliminated first is never easy. Rosalyna is a judge this year, but back in 2013, she appeared on the second season of Local Ambition and was eliminated after the first round. Rosalyna bounced back, however, and made it to the finals of season three. Kayci has come back this year as a cast member and has been given a second chance by our producers. If anyone knows what these girls are going through tonight – it’s them.

For the first time in the show’s history, our cast will vote for whoever they feel should be eliminated. “Cast Member Voting” allows the girls a chance to have their voices heard by allowing the chance to put their rivals or competition in the hot seat. The two girls who receive the most votes will have to stand before our judges and tell them why they deserve to stay on the show. Our judges can decide to eliminate them or keep one (or both) and eliminate someone else. This new feature is sure to bring an added element of drama to the show!

Whoever survives elimination will have another chance to compete for immunity. Cheryl was the first immunity winner, so she’s safe tonight, but after elimination – everyone is on the same level once again. The girl who performs the best in tonight’s challenge will have an advantage over her cast mates as she will be ineligible for elimination in two weeks.

We experienced some technical difficulties this week with the editing software we use to create the show, but we are thankful for your patience and we are happy to bring you tonight’s episode – all forty minutes of it!

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