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Kathleen Walks in LA Fashion Week!

Season 3 finalist, Kathleen Moody, was recently chosen to walk in LA Fashion Week on October 14.  The event took place at BLVD 3 on Sunset Blvd. Oct. 12 – 16.  Kathleen modeled designs created by Delise’Ana.  Delise’Ana has dressed many celebrities including Nicki Minaj and Faith Evans and appeared on VH1, MTV, and BET.

Kathleen modeling for Delise'Ana @ LA Fashion Week 2016.

Kathleen modeling for Delise’Ana @ LA Fashion Week 2016.

When asked how her designer found her, Kathleen told us, “I had photos from the show (Local Ambition) online.  She looked at them and reached out to me.  I was the only girl who was picked that way.”  Everyone else had to attend a casting call to model for Delise’Ana.

Kathleen first appeared on Local Ambition during our third season.  She was nervous in her audition and wasn’t sure if she would get picked.  Her struggle with Asperger’s was something that Kathleen felt would cause her not to be picked for the show – she was wrong.  Kevin Edwards, director and creator of Local Ambition, saw something in Kathleen that day and made up his mind that he wanted her on the show.  “She (Kathleen) had something that other girls didn’t have that day.  You could call it an ‘it factor.’  She sat there and answered all of our questions, but it was what she said outside of her interview that really impressed me.”  Kathleen had submitted an application to be considered as a cast member for Local Ambition just like everyone else did that year, but she had told the show’s producers that she thought actor, Jack Nicholson, was creepy.  “In a normal interview, someone might have skipped that bit of information, but I wanted to call her out on it,” Kevin said.  “We asked her why she thought he was creepy.”  Kathleen responded, “Oh my God, he is so creepy!”  She would go on to explain that his smile gives children nightmares – in the day time.  And that he really got under her skin when he said he would be waiting for Jennifer Lawrence at the 2013 Oscars.  “No one else in the room wanted her to be on the show – except me.  When I made the calls the following morning to tell the girls they made it on the show, the crew was shocked that I had picked her (Kathleen).  It was a decision that I never regretted.  Kathleen was one of the stand out stars of season three.”

Katheen and Dani Jay pallin' around.

Katheen and Dani Jay pallin’ around.

Kathleen struggled to fit in with the cast of Local Ambition: Season Three and tried even harder to perform in the photo shoot rounds that she was in.  She didn’t connect with many of her cast mates, but she did form a bond with one of them – Dani Jay.  Dani was the complete opposite of Kathleen.  She was only five feet tall and Kathleen was 5’10”.  Dani was a social butterfly, while Kathleen preferred to keep to herself.  Dani was determined to break Kathleen out of her shell and did just that.  As the show progressed, Dani began talking to Kathleen more and more.  In the final round, Kathleen was talking with her new friend all day and even took a few dance breaks in between confessionals and modeling with Dani.

Social anxiety was not the only thing that Kathleen fought with during her season.  Kathleen was also worried about her weight.  “There’s so many other beautiful girls on this show and I’m kind of like ‘blah’ compared to them,” she told producers during the show.  Her fears became worse when she discovered that the theme for the third round was going to be swimsuits.  When the words came out of the host’s mouth, Kathleen looked visibly sick.  Modeling coach, Candace Woodward, brought magazines to show Kathleen different body types and the kinds of swimsuits that flatter them.  Candace also taught Kathleen poses that would help her become more comfortable with herself and help her in the upcoming shoot.  When the day finally came, Kathleen showed up in a red and black two-piece pinup inspired suit.  No one could tell that she had any insecurity at all.


Kathleen rocking her pinup swimsuit in the third round of season three.

After the show concluded, Kathleen moved to Florida and worked for Disney in their costume department.  It seemed like a dream job, but something inside of her pulled her away from Mickey and inspired her to move to California.  “I was happy that Kathleen had chose not to give up on modeling.  I knew that she had the ability to be a great model, but I was worried that she’d give up on it,” director, Kevin Edwards stated.  June Ann D’Angelo competed on Kathleen’s season as well and had some rather unflattering things to say about her.  “We finished filming June Ann’s personal video inside of a trapeze studio and she kind of let her feelings out about her cast mates.  Her opinions were very short sighted and shallow.  June told me that Kathleen would never make a dime in modeling and didn’t have what it took to be a success.  She said that she should be behind the camera instead of in front of it,” Kevin added.

Kathleen posing in the final round of season three.

Kathleen posing in the final round of season three.

June Ann probably looks very foolish now considering Kathleen’s recent success.  Even though she’s doing well for herself, Kathleen is still grounded.  We asked her if she had any advice for future cast members of Local Ambition – she said, “The sad truth is that not everywhere you go is Local Ambition – who is willing to give every body type a chance.”  She adds, “If someone sees that you can work it, even though you don’t fit the typical model build, you will get jobs.  Don’t give up.  Kevin does a great job at picking unique women to be on the show – even if they have no experience modeling.  People still want to see their stories.  Be that person.”  Kathleen is right.  Even though you might not look like the models you see on television and magazines – that doesn’t mean that you can’t make it as a model.  You have to apply yourself and never give up.  On Local Ambition, personality is always more important than looks or modeling skill.  Viewers want to watch women on the show who can entertain them – not just ones who can pose perfectly.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the next season, the application for Local Ambition VI goes live on Monday night, October 31.  You can follow Kathleen on Instagram @ Kathleen_moody

Keep up the good work, Kathleen.  We’re proud of you.

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