LA7 Casting Call Information

This is a quick guide to help prepare you for our casting call this weekend.  We’ve got the dates, times, address, map, and some frequently asked questions (below the map) to help you out!  We are also pleased to announce that this casting call will be featured in TWO magazines!  So, just by showing up, you have an opportunity to be published!  Shotcaller Magazine (from Wisconsin) and Embrace Beauty Magazine (from Florida) will be featuring photos taken from this event in their issues this year!

Dates: Saturday, January 20 & Sunday, January 21
You only have to come to ONE of these two days.
Doors Open @ 10am both days
800 Olive St., St. Louis, MO 63101 (Arcade Building)

Road Closure Info
The STL Women’s March will be happening on Saturday.  It will be start at Union Station and go to the Old Courthouse.  Streets around this area may be blocked, but you will be able to find alternative routes.

What should I wear?
Dress like you were going out!  We want to see your style.  You don’t have to wear anything expensive, but you shouldn’t look too casual either.

How long are the interviews?
Not long at all.  Usually interviews last between 6-7 minutes.

What are the interviews like?
All of our interviews are filmed.  You’ll sit in front of a camera and 3 – 4 panelists sit behind that and ask you questions.  You should be yourself and not treat the audition like a job interview.  We want to see your personality!

What are you looking for?
Someone who has a great personality; is reliable; is cooperative; and is unique!

What’s the whole process like?
You arrive at the front door and someone will let you in.  They will take you to the elevator and send you to a studio.  Once you get into the studio, you’ll sign in and show your ID.  From there, you’ll wait for your interview.  Everyone is interviewed in the order that they sign in.  While you wait, you can get your picture taken by our photographer.  You can have photos taken of just yourself; or with others; or with past cast members!  Once your name is called, you’ll be escorted to a sound room where you will be interviewed.  If you are not present when your name is called, you will skip a turn.  If you are not present three times when your name is called, you’ll be bumped to the end of the list.  After you are interviewed, you are escorted back to the elevator and you are free to go!  If you’d like to stay and have more photos taken, you are more than welcome to!

After the interview, am I free to go?

What’s the latest I can be there on both days?
We close the doors at 6pm.  So you will need to be here by 6pm.

When will I know if I’ve been picked?
Monday, January 22 is when we do callbacks.  If you receive a call that day, you’re picked!

What can I do while I wait for my interview?
We will have a photography area where you can practice or just have fun and get your picture taken!  You can also get your pictures taken with some of the cast from last year’s season!

Can I have a guest?
Yes.  You are responsible for your guest(s) though.  They cannot wander around the building.  They have to be in the same room with you at all times – except for when you are interviewed.

Can I take pictures/video?
Yes!  You can take all the pictures and video you want of your time at the casting call.  Be sure to use the hashtags #localambition and #alwayslatetv!

What is Local Ambition like?
Our show blends elements of reality shows and soap operas to make one of the most unique shows you’ll ever see!  We have a modeling competition that takes place over the course of the season with themed photo shoots that each cast member competes in.  There are eliminations after each photo shoot to see who stays and who goes home.  This part of the show is NOT scripted, BUT our drama is scripted.  Outside of the competition, our cast members are involved in scripted/improved segments that help us tell stories for our viewers.  These stories can range from simple disagreements to kidnappings or alien invasions!  We also accept ideas from cast members in regards to their characters and storylines!

What opportunities are there if I’m chosen?
Our cast has been published in 18 magazines (domestically AND internationally); been featured in the Huffington Post; appeared in/on TV, radio, and newspapers; and attended a sold out premiere at Ronnie’s 20 Wehrenberg Theaters!  We will also be airing Local Ambition in select television markets throughout the country this year!  It’s the BEST way to get your name out there in, or around, St. Louis!

Thank you very much and best of luck to you!  We can’t wait to see you!