Local Ambition | FAQ’s

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we have received from the community about Local Ambition. If you have a question that is not listed here, you can e-mail us @ alwayslatetvcasting@gmail.com.

What promotion has the show received?
Aside from having millions of viewers worldwide, Local Ambition has been featured in a number of newspapers in Missouri and Illinois – some in other states.  We have also been featured on television and radio and have been sponsored by companies such as Bakers Shoes; Schlafly Beer; Move in Silence clothing; Johnnie Brock’s Dungeon; and more!

What’s the prize?
The prize for the winner of Local Ambition 5.0 is a $1,000 cash prize. Other items may be added to the prize, but this is the current plan.

Dani Jay (right) Samantha McKimm (left) in a scene from Brother vs. Sister
Dani Jay (right) Samantha McKimm (left) in a scene from Brother vs. Sister

What do I get out of being on the show?
Whether you win or lose, there’s something to gain from being on Local Ambition. Past cast members have developed connections with designers, photographers, companies, and casting agents during (and after) filming. Cast members who honor their commitments to the show are granted rights to the images that are taken during challenges and photo shoot rounds for use in their portfolios or sharing on social media. These photos are not something that can be easily done elsewhere, as we pride ourselves in providing our cast with interesting, unique photo shoots (i.e. zombie apocalypse round; heroes & villains; editorial fashion; clothing line shoots; etc.) Cast members also have the opportunity to be a part of more projects from Always Late TV. Former cast members Dani Jay and Alexandra Wantland were cast in our original series, Brother vs. Sister. Hanna Hetz has become a producer for both Brother vs. Sister and Local Ambition 5.0. We do everything that we can to promote our cast and shine the spotlight on them and we reward loyalty, hard work, and a positive attitude!

I don’t have any modeling experience.  Will that hurt my chances?
No.  Several women who have not had modeling experience have done very well on our show.  Season 3 winner, Dani Jay, had no previous modeling experience before she was cast.  She took the opportunity, applied herself, listened to instructions, and did very well.  It doesn’t matter if you have no modeling experience or if you’ve been doing it for 20 years – everyone is on the same level.  This is true, because no one has had experience on a modeling competition reality series.  It’s a unique experience.

If you don’t have any modeling experience, our coaches will help you learn what you need to in order to do well on our show.  All you have to do is listen and apply yourself.

I have a lot of modeling experience.  Won’t this be too easy for me?
No.  Like we previously mentioned, it doesn’t matter how much or how little experience someone has – everyone is on the same level.  The reason for this is because no one has been in an environment like ours.  Local Ambition combines modeling with the entertainment industry to provide our cast with a unique experience they can’t find anywhere else.  You may be a great model, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have an advantage over anyone on the show.

Sarah is the first plus size model ever to appear on the show.
Sarah is the first plus size model ever to appear on the show.

What if I’m too short/tall/old/big, etc.?
None of that matters.  We have had women of different shapes, sizes, and ages on our show.  Season 3 winner, Dani Jay, was only 5′ tall.  A lot of fashion shows and agencies require models to be a certain height – we don’t.  In our past season, the age range of cast members was between 18 and 43.  Sarah, from Local Ambition: Season 4, is a 33-year old single mother of three, and our first plus size model (she was a size 16).  Modeling may be about looks to most, but not us.  The most important thing for us is your ambition.  Your drive and determination to do something different and put yourself out there.  We do not discriminate or exclude anyone based on appearance – only their work ethic.  Beauty is everywhere.  We do not conform to industry norms.

How are the cast members judged on the show?
Cast members are judged on their performances in challenges and photo shoot rounds.  Judges have always evaluated cast members on this simple equation – who has it, who might have it, and who won’t have it.  Obviously, “who has it” is a woman who applies herself and does well.  “Who might have it” is someone we feel we can work with and develop into a strong competitor.  “Who won’t have it” are the women who do not apply themselves.  The women who won’t have it can be newcomers who do not put the effort into becoming better OR models with lots of experience who get too cocky.

Hanna is the most tattooed model ever to appear on the show.
Hanna is the most tattooed model ever to appear on the show.

What are some of the things cast members have done after appearing on the show?
Former cast members have went on to do a wide variety of different things.  We have had women who have continued modeling and have had opportunities from companies like Bakers Shoes, L’oreal, JC Penny, Inked Magazine, etc.  Others have used their participation in the show to pursue acting careers – like Dani Jay, Alexandra Wantland, and Pyramid Williams.  Women have also been cast in fashion shows in, and around, St. Louis – some even in New York.

I’ve applied.  How do I know if I’ve been picked?
If we like your application, we will ask to meet you at one of our casting calls (held in January 2016).  You will receive an e-mail or a text message telling you if you’ve been chosen to attend one of our casting events.

What are the casting calls like – if I’m chosen?
Our panel (which consists of director, Kevin Edwards; producers; and former cast members) asks you questions in a filmed interview.  This can seem intimidating, but it’s not.  We just want to get to know you to decide if you will be a good fit on our show.  We want to see your personality as much as your sense of style.  If you’ve been invited to a casting call and do not attend – you will not be chosen as a cast member in our upcoming season.

What happens after the casting call?
After you’ve been interviewed at the casting call, our staff works hard to come up with a list of women who will make up the cast of our next season.  If you have been chosen as a cast member, you will receive a phone call from our director or a producer.

How do I apply?
Click on the link below; fill out our quick form; attach at least 5 current photos; and that’s it!