Local Ambition Season 3 – Danielle

bio-danielleName: Danielle
Age: 24
From: St. Charles, Missouri
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Energy and attitude are two things Danielle has plenty of (besides allergies)!  She has 102 different food allergies, making it almost impossible to dine out.  She’s on the Paleo and Celiac diets.  When she’s not working out at the gym, she’s working at an elementary school, or getting a sugar spray tan (you read that last part correctly).

With no modeling experience, Danielle has her work cut out for her.  The less experienced contestants at least have a few photo shoots on their resume – Danielle has none.  Her lack of experience coupled with her short stature might make her an underdog in the competition.  She is the shortest contestant the show has had – 5 feet tall.

Despite her challenges, she’s determined to do her best this season and chase her modeling dream.  She’ll do whatever it takes to advance in the competition.