Local Ambition VI Cast On Darryn Yates Show

Local Ambition VI host, Colie Lewis, and cast members, Nikki Serenity, Brandy “Sunni” Palmer, and Helaina Copeland were guests on tonight’s edition of the Darryn Yates Show on RiotRadioRocks.com. Colie and the girls talked about our upcoming season (which premieres September 18); their personal struggles; and their future ambitions with Darryn and an intoxicated man dressed like a medieval knight. You can’t make this stuff up, folks. Colie discussed the differences between the new season and the one she participated in. The big difference, to her, was that the drama is now staged. When Colie appeared on Local Ambition last year, all of the drama was unscripted. While this brought viewers something exciting to watch, it was emotionally difficult for the cast and the crew to work around individuals who really had problems with each other. On the current season of Local Ambition, it’s more fun to show up to set and act instead of legitimately having issues with someone. She also talked about the numerous opportunities that came to after she won Local Ambition 5.0 last year. Since winning, she has had several special effects makeup jobs and starred in music videos. Brandy (or “Sunni”) was asked about her … Continue reading Local Ambition VI Cast On Darryn Yates Show