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Plot Outline
Playboy’s Kara Friedman hosts the third season of Local Ambition!  Twelve women compete in four rounds of photo shoots with everything from zombies to swimsuits to high fashion!  Season 2 contestant, Desiree (or Rosalyna), makes her return as a cast member.  Just like last year, two of the cast members get involved in a heated rivalry that brings one of them to tears.  Who will come out on top?

Rating: M (Mature Audiences Only)

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Season 3 | Episode 1 | “Multiple Personalities”

It’s the season premiere of Local Ambition! 12 women from St. Louis, and the surrounding area, compete head-to-head through four rounds of photo shoots with the winner becoming the face of a new online clothing boutique! This episode marks the start of the journey for the girls. After introductions, there’s no time to waste as the girls are thrown right into the first round of the competition with the winner receiving immunity from elimination next week! Tune in and share to show your support for our show!






Season 3 | Episode 2 | “Sugar Spray Tans & Mermaid Best Friends”

All twelve girls anxiously await to hear who won the first round of the competition and who the three girls are who are going home! The winner of the first round gains immunity from elimination in the next round! You’ll also find out what’s in store for the remaining contestants in Round 2.

You will also get to know two of the cast members outside of the competition – Kathleen and Danielle! Kathleen gives us a tour of St. Louis Community College – Meramec’s theater department and Danielle shows what a sugar spray tan actually is!






Season 3 | Episode 3 | “The Zombie Apocalypse!”

It’s the end of the world as we know it! The remaining girls compete in our Zombie Apocalypse photo shoot round. Each girl had the challenge of creating two looks – one as a survivor and one as a flesh-eating zombie! Tune in and see what the girls came up with and don’t forget to check us out on Facebook after the show and tell us what you think! Thanks for watching!







Season 3 | Episode 4 | “2nd Cut is the Deepest”

It’s the second elimination of the season! Without Jordynne out of the picture, the judges will only have to eliminate two girls this week! Who will Dwight, Caitlin, and Sadie decide to send home? Who will be named the winner of the Zombie Apocalypse round? And what’s in store for the girls in Round 3? Tune in to find out!








Season 3 | Episode 5 | “Itty Bitty Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka-Dot Beekini”

It’s time for the first ever Local Ambition Swimsuit Round! Danielle, Kathleen, Layla, June Ann, and Rosalyna put on their swimsuits and go head-to-head to see who makes it to the final round of the season!

In this episode you’ll see which former cast member was chosen to replace Armanda after she quit and which past contestants will be our guest judges for this round!

You’ll also see Sarah’s goodbye as she gets ready to move to Wyoming.







Season 3 | Episode 6 | “Getting Personal”

In this episode, we take a special look at four of our remaining six cast members – Rosalyna, Jenni, Layla, and June Ann! We visit the west side of St. Louis, Missouri and find out what makes Rosalyna tick. Jenni shares her modeling goals and shows us how she stays fit. Layla gives us a sneak peek at her job as an ambassador model (you’ll wish you had her job after you watch it). We also drop in on June Ann who shows us the trapeze studio she trains at and we get to see some of her moves.

That’s fine and dandy, but there’s a big surprise for the girls in this episode AND two of the contestants have harsh words for one another!






Season 3 | Episode 7 | “It All Started at the Lingerie Show…”

Tensions have reached their boiling point between Danielle and June Ann. June Ann starts trouble at a lingerie show Danielle was featured in. The two took their feud on to the set of the final round of the season! Find out what happens between these two rivals and how Kathleen, Jenni, Layla, and Rosalyna fare in the last challenge of the season!









Season 3 | Episode 8 | “Closure”

It’s the season finale! Kathleen, Layla, Danielle, June Ann, Jenni, and Rosalyna have made it to the end and now they find out which one of them will be named the winner of Local Ambition: Season Three!










Season 3 | “Q&A Panel”

Jenni, Sarah, Danielle, Kara, Rosalyna, and Kathleen answer viewer questions in our first ever post-season Q&A panel!




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