This year’s season of Local Ambition is going head first into uncharted waters with the addition of scripted segments.  These are segments where the cast, and crew, interact with each other in predetermined situations.  The cast, and crew, have become on-screen characters instead of just being models or staff. “These segments allow us to tell stories better than we ever could,” Local Ambition creator, Kevin Edwards, states, “In the past, our show was unscripted and it made it difficult to keep stories going from one episode to the next.  The challenge that Edwards is referring to comes from issues between cast members being resolved behind the scenes instead of on camera – leaving viewers confused.  The scripted segments that the show has created this year allow more control over stories – ensuring that viewers get to see the beginning, middle, and end to everything. Edwards also started the segments as a way to make Local Ambition different from other reality shows.  “Other reality shows are scripted, but they sometimes push individuals into having real conflicts with each other and I don’t like that,” he adds, “I think it’s irresponsible to put people through unnecessary stress in the name of ratings […]
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