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We’re in the Huffington Post!

Always Late TV has recently been featured in the Huffington Post. Words cannot express how grateful and encouraged we are to have another opportunity to show our product to the world.

Our brand has grown by leaps and bounds since our humble beginnings in 2012 when we started production on the first season of Local Ambition.  Since that time, Local Ambition’s viewership has grown to the point where we have landed sponsors; media attention; and over six million viewers worldwide.

The attention to Local Ambition has given us the chance to showcase more local talent from St. Louis.  We have created a new series called the Always Late Show – which will be hosted by Scott Michael Dunn.  This show will feature interviews with local talent from the entertainment and art communities in, and around, St. Louis.  It will also have comedy, music, and guest appearances by the girls from Local Ambition.

We have also launched a video on demand streaming service called “NOW” which will sell content created by local filmmakers with proceeds going back to the creators.  It’s an opportunity for local filmmakers to grow their fan base and earn a profit from the hard work that they have put into creating their projects.

Once again, we are proud of this accomplishment and want to personally thank Seth Ferranti for writing the article.

Thank you.

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